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  Senior and Graduation

Portfolio: Headshot, Fashion and Modeling 

Perfect for high school grads, college grads, or even preschool graduations! Packages include cap and gown as well as personality pictures. Group sessions are available for siblings and friends!
From headshots for a professional setting to creating a modeling portfolio to any lighting ideas, poses or concepts you'd like to give a try, the fashion/art/modeling package is definitely the one to look into. 

Lifestyle: Event

This package is best for family portraits, engagements and weddings, gender reveals, greek events, and any other special occasion. 

Lifestyle: Active

Active is designed for movement and motion such as sporting events, dance recitals, and live music. This package is great for showcasing skills.

Lifestyle: City or Location

City and location is for shoots based on setting. This can be a portfolio shot but is usually full body and can also appeal to small groups of people.


For all the creatives out there, this is the shoot for you! We'll create a mood board and have a very freestyle time to try and collaborate on the image you're trying to curate.

Brand Content

Just as it sounds, this style of shoot is designed for brands, small businesses, and small companies. It's designed to make your products, location, logo and staff shine. 
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